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Greetings from the Presiding Bishop !

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. I pray this missive finds you well.

Covenant Churches Of America is an apostolic covering, an organizational fellowship, providing a broad range of spiritual, educational, and professional benefits to propel, pastors, churches, parachurches, and ministries in fulfilling their destiny in the Body of Christ.

CCOA requires a standard of excellence and holiness as a way of life through Godly example for our leaders. We hold fast to the standards of holiness, integrity, and character CCOA objective is to assist every member in fulfilling their God-Given purpose
and accomplish their mission; without altering their uniqueness and calling.


CCOA possess the authority to establish diocese, consecrate episcopates, appoint overseers, a license and ordain ministers, elders, and pastors to carry out the work of the


CCOA will also provide necessary staff training and development, administrative support, and organizational structure.

Please know that CCOA is a organization, which can help you facilitate your destiny in ministry and business. We are an organization & relational fellowship which serve churches, pastors, parachurches, ministries & businesses!


We are excited that you are prayerfully considering the knitting of our hearts and years of
productive and meaningful covenant relationship with

Covenant Churches of America, Inc. Headquarters
2624 Lord Baltimore Drive Ste. E
Windsor Mill, Maryland 21244
Ph: 443-200-5237

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